Skyrim: Moss Mother Cavern

September 10, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

When you approach this cavern Valdr is waiting outside for someone to help him go in after a bear.  You can either offer to help him and then go in together or tell him to just wait and you will go in by yourself.


Enter a tunnel facing north.  The short tunnel leads quickly into a large cavern.  You will see Ari, a dead hunter laying there, as well as a dead bear.  A spriggan waits near a log further into the cavern.


You have the options, as you go forward, to take the ground level or to climb up a slope on either side of the cavern.  All three go in the same direction.  Keep your eyes open as you go along for veins of iron ore.


As you venture farther along, you will meet another bear, and see the corpse of Niels.  Beyond the bear and the corpse you will see a waterfall falling into a pond.  Two spriggans are hiding around the pond, so approach with caution.  You can mine a gold ore vein on the far side of the pond if you wish.  Up along the western wall you can climb a slope to find a large chest.


Once you have cleared out the cavern, go and talk to Valdr again.  As a reward he will give you his lucky dagger.

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