Skyrim: Morvath’s Lair

August 4, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a tunnel facing east.  This leads to some wooden walkways over a deep cavern.  A pair of frostbite spiders are at the bottom.  The exit is through a tunnel to the south.


The tunnel winds around and then opens into a tall cavern where a thrall sits at a table.  Here you have the option of turning north into a tunnel or continuing east.  East dead ends  with some carts full of body parts, so will eventually need to go through the tunnel to the north.  The automap shows a tunnel to the north here at the dead end, but it is high above you and cannot be reached from here, so go back and take the other tunnel north.


This tunnel takes you to a chamber where you can hear a thrall talking and working, but you can’t see him because he is digging down in a pit in the middle of the room.  There isn’t a lot of value in this chamber.  The exit is north.


Continue north and you will have the choice of taking the ground tunnel or walking up an elevated walkway.  Both go to the throne room.


The throne room will be occupied by Morvath (unless you are here without the quest, in which case it will be a generic master vampire).  The throne room offers three exits: to the north, the east and the south.


North:  takes you through the sleeping area.  You can find the master bedroom with a vampire in it, and the skill book: 2920, Sun’s Dawn, v2 (Illusion) on a night stand next to the bed. Morvath’s boots are also here. They are a unique item.  If you continue to follow this north exit it winds around back to the throne room and emerges on top of the elevated walkway.


East: This goes up to the treasury.  Here is another vampire and a thrall (unless they have already been alerted).  You can loot a chest here and some potions.  There is an alchemy lab here.


South takes you to a little guard area with another vampire.  You can find a chest here, and the exit south from this little area takes through a tunnel that joins up to the dead end you found before, making it the fastest way out of the dungeon.

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