Skyrim: Morthal

August 6, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Morthal is the capitol of Hjaalmarch.  It is also capitol of oddly hidden skill books.


Note that Morthal does not have a stables, so you can’t catch a carriage here.


You can buy lumber here, but there is no blacksmith or general goods store.


High Moon Hall:

Jarl Idgrod Ravencrone – you will need to talk to her about dealing with the rumors surrounding the burned down house.  Do this quest to become Thane.


Aslfur – the steward, just like all the other stewards in Skyrim.

Gorm – the housecarl.

Idrod the younger – the jarl’s kid.

Joric – the jarl’s other kid.


In the children’s bedroom, on top of the bookshelf you can find the skill book: The Locked Room (Lockpicking).


Moorside Inn:

Jonna – the innkeeper.  You can talk to her to start the quest: Laid to Rest

Benor – you can brawl with him for 100 gold and get a follower.

In the southwest guest room, in a basket on top of the dresser next to some other books is the skill book: Racial Phylogeny (Restoration).


Jorgen and Lami’s House.

This is a great house to visit.  You can find several alchemical ingredients laying around.  In addition, the skill book: 2920, Morning Star, v1 is in a bucket on top of the barrel in the southeast corner.  In Jorgen’s Chest, you can find the hilt of Mehrunes’ Razor, a quest item.  Also in the southeast corner you can find the unique Jessica’s Wine.  Be careful here, though because it is possible to become stuck in the southeast corner between the wall and the barrel and not be able to get out.



This is the barracks and jail. You can find the skill book: 2920, Midyear, v6 (Heavy Armor) by entering and going straight ahead.  It is behind a barrel next to the bed.


Burned Down House:

This is west of the inn, and is where you will go to talk to Helgi’s Ghost for the quest: Laid to Rest.


Thaumaturgist’s Hut

This is the alchemy shop.  Here you can buy/sell things to Lami, who is also a trainer in alchemy.  There is a chest to loot and plenty of ingredients to steal here.  You can find the skill book: Response to Bero’s Speech (Destruction) next to a skull on top of the shelf behind her counter.


Alva’s House

You probably won’t go here unless you are following the quest: Laid to Rest.  In this case be careful when entering because Hroggar will attack you.   Go downstairs to find Alva’s journal.


Falion’s House

Falion is the local wizard and offers spells for sale.  You can use the arcane enchanter in his house.  If you are a vampire and don’t want to be any more, then he can help you get rid of it.  He is also a trainer in conjuration.  On a table next to the bed is the skill book: 2920, Rain’s hand, v4.  The skill book: Catalogue of Armor Enchantments (Enchanting) is beneath another book on the shelf on the north wall.  The shelf has potions, skulls, soul gems, and an impressive collection of wine.


Thonnir’s House

You can find a chest to loot here if you choose.  The skill book: Aevar Sone-Singer (Pickpocket) is under a basket on a shelf in the corner.

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