Skyrim: Lost Echo Cave

August 23, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter a dimly lit tunnel heading north.  There will be plenty of glowing mushrooms to harvest if you choose.  This passage widens into a small chamber before continuing north.  You will then turn east and enter a room with an altar.  On the altar you can find the skill book: 2920, Morningstar, v1 (One-Handed).


Activate the ceremonial brazier with a glowing mushroom to open the secret door in the southeast corner of the room.  Then take the passage that is revealed.


When you enter this passage you will see a Falmer totem indicating that you are now entering Falmer territory.  The passage opens into a Falmer dwelling area with 2 Falmer living here.  The area has upper and lower levels.  Next to the hut on the upper level you can find a chest to loot.  Continue to south to exit.


As you follow the passage a hidden Falmer will leap out for a hidden ledge above and attack.  You will come to a side passage to your left (south at this point).  The side passage has a tripwire and leads to a Falmer dwelling with one Falmer living here.  You can open the gate in the dwelling to find a chest to loot and some dead adventurers.


Return to the main passage and encounter another Falmer ambush – 3 Falmer in total.  Eventually the passage swings north and emerges into a chamber with chaurus pens.  You will need to kill 3 chaurus and a Falmer before you can explore the pens and dwelling.  You can find a chest in the dwelling and several chaurus egg sacs to harvest.  Exit to the west. after pulling a handle to open another secret door at the end of this tunnel.


This tunnel will lead you back to the first little chamber you entered.

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