Skyrim: Karthspire Camp

September 20, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This forsworn camp is a series of platforms across/near the river that are connected by wooden bridges.  In total there are ten forsworn that dwell here, and because of the extremely open layout it is possible to alert all of them at once, in which case you will have a lot of enemies to deal with at once.  You can find the skill book: A Dance in Fire, V2 (Block) in a tent on the northeast platform, on top of a crate near some sacks.


You can find a chest on a platform near the smithy at the top of the stone rampart.


Go southeast to find the hagraven and more tents.  A large chest is in the tent with the alchemy lab.  A dead giant is on an altar here, which you can loot to.


If you go up the path to the southwest of Karthspire Camp, you will reach Karthspire.

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