Skyrim: Harmugstahl

September 4, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

No one guards outside of this fortress sunken into the side of the mountain.  Enter into a tunnel going down to the south.  When you exit the tunnel you will see and/or hear a fight going on between and adventurer and a spider.  After he kills the spider the adventurer will warn you that the place is crawling with them.  Then he will leave.


The first large cavern has a few frostbite spider corpses to loot.  The exit is to the south.


Follow the passage down and around until you reach a room with a dead spider on a table.  There are some potions to grab if you desire.  A lever in the east wall takes down the bars.


Follow the passage east and you will find a room with four levers that operate a puzzle of spear s that bar the way forward.  To get through just pull the far right and left levers.


Proceed through the tunnel that goes up and around until you reach a room with an alchemy lab and a giant hole in the wall.  On the alchemy lab is a journal describing some experiments someone has been performing.  In the north wall is a locked (adept) door leading to a storage area with a spider guarding a chest.  On the shelves find potions and ingredients, and on the easternmost shelf is the skill book: A Game at Dinner (alchemy).  Leave this area through the giant hole in the wall to the south.


The next cavern is populated by frostbite spiders that can be hard to see because of the vegetation.  Along the north and south walls of this chamber are cells that appear to have been holding spiders, but which are now all open.  Exit this room to the west by cutting your way through the tangle of webs.


Follow the passage beyond the webs around and up until you reach a door.  The door opens onto a balcony overlooking a room where the mage Kornalus is doing experiments on frostbite spiders.  Kill him and grab his key from his corpse.  If you want you can use the lever to let the spiders out of the cage, but be prepared to fight them if you do.  Use Kornalus’ key to unlock the door to the north.  This leads to his bedroom where you can find ingredients, potions, a Shrine of Julianos, and a large chest to loot.


To continue backtrack slightly and find the door to the east.  To open this door you must have Kornalus’ key.  The cavern beyond has two giant frostbite spiders, so enter with caution.  Exit this area by taking some stairs in the northeast corner.  The passage beyond the stairs will take you to a balcony overlooking the entry room so you have quick and easy access to the exit.

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