Skyrim: Halted Stream Camp

July 29, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This camp can be found by following the stream west of Whiterun upstream north to the camp.  Watch out for the sabre cat on your way.


Outside of the mine, you will find 4 bandits on watch.  Because of the lay of the land this can be a difficult camp to approach unseen.  You can also find a chest and a grindstone outside.




Enter a tunnel going north and down.  Watch out for the pressure plate trap and the bandit at the end of the tunnel.  Kill the bandit and find the mine key on his or her corpse.  There are 4 iron ore veins in this tunnel.  Exit east through a locked gate (opened by the key).


This tunnel goes down and east.  There are 5 more iron ore veins in this tunnel.  The tunnel opens over a wide cavern.  2 bandits are in the cavern and their chief oversees them at the far north end of the cavern.  On a table next to the chief is the spell tomb: Transmute Mineral Ore.  In this area you can also find a chest and a few loose pieces of ore.  The chamber has 4 iron ore veins and a corundum ore vein can be found near where the chief stays.  Behind the shelves is a little tunnel leading to a chest.


You can exit this room to the east via a tunnel.  Watch out for the tripwire in this tunnel.  This tunnel exits to Skyrim.  You emerge into a pit with poisoned spikes.  Do not touch the spikes or you will take damage.

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