Skyrim: Halldir’s Cairn

September 13, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You can find Halldir’s post in the far southern reaches of Skyrim, a bit west of Falkreath.  There is nothing outside of the cave.


Enter a tunnel going northwest.  There are plenty of mushrooms to gather if you like.  You will come to a room with a beacon of energy coming from a rock pile.  The corpses of Raen, Vidgrod, and Agrius surround the stones.  On the pedestal you can find Agrius’ journal and the Key to Halldir’s Crypt.  Use the key to open the door and exit to the south.  Quickly you will find stairs the circle up.


You will come to a small split in the passage with options to go south or west.  South dead ends at a small pool, so you should go west.  A pair of ghosts guard the passage to the west, just in front of a door.


Open the door and fight two more ghosts.  You will come to a passage heading south with a trapped alcove to the north.  Head south and turn west and find more ghosts and a draugr.


Continue north to find a draugr on a throne with more sleeping draugr around.  Pull the lever behind the throne to open the grate to the east.


Head east into a corridor that leads to a strange round puzzle room.  There are three puzzle pedestals surrounding a central pillar.  Watch out for the druagr and the ghost who guard here.  Solve the puzzle by standing next to each pillar and then turning around.  The solution will be above you.  Turn the pillar to match the creature on the wall behind you.  There is a door beneath the snake icons which can be unlocked to find a treasure chest.  Once you have all the puzzle pedestals matching correctly, then pull the lever to the north.


Watch out for more ghosts as you continue.  You will come to a junction, with the option to go north or to continue to the west.  If you go west, you will pass a tripwire and eventually come to a trapped chest to loot.  If you go north, you will find Halldir.


Halldir is a fairly tough boss to fight because after you wound him he will split his essence into three parts, and then you have to fight three at a time, each wielding a different elemental magic.  Kill of the alternates and then the energy will re-unite back into Halldir and you have to fight him again.  He uses destruction magic effectively, so this can be difficult.  Once you finish him off, be sure to loot the chest.  The trapdoor in the middle of the room leads back to the entrance chamber, but be careful as you drop down because you can take damage/die if you don’t hit the platforms correctly on your way down.

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