Skyrim: Hag Rock Redoubt

September 5, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This area can be difficult to get to, as it is in the mountains west of Markarth.  This is rugged terrain.


Hag Rock Redoubt is home to many Forsworn.  You can take the main entrance and fight your way up the stairs, or you can skirt up the edges of the mountains and directly enter the dungeons.


Hag Rock Redoubt Cairn:

This is the lowest entrance.  Enter a tunnel facing north.  To the right (west), you will see a room with 2 Forswron relaxing.  On the table is the skill book: 2920, Last Seed, v8.


Continue north to a stairway that circles up.  A Forsworn guards at the top of the stairs.  On the shelf find the Hag Rock Ruin Jail key.


Take the exit north.  This tunnel curves around to a door.  The door opens to a room with a Forsworn Briarheart working at an alchemy lab.  Find a chest by the north wall.  There is another chest, trapped, in an alcove to the west.  Underneath the chest you can find 2 quicksilver ingots.


A door to the east opens to a small room with a door exiting to Skyrim.  2 Forsworn are here.  You can find an alchemy lab here with many ingredients and potions.  Follow the stairs up and fight more forsworn.  At the top you can find a door to Dead Crone Rock.


If you chose the door to the west while inside, then you will also emerge in Skyrim.  You will find yourself at the bottom of stairs that wind up.  At the top you will find the same forsworn and area as before.

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