Skyrim: Glenmoril Coven

September 9, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

A witch stands guard outside the entrance to this cave.


Enter the cave into a tunnel facing southwest.  You will quickly come to a turn in the  tunnel, but a little gap in the wall ahead allows you to enter a little alcove where you can find a chest to loot.  The tunnel opens into a large cavern where a witch and her pet live.  This cavern acts as a hub for four additional tunnels that each lead to a different destination.


Lower west tunnel:

The entrance to this tunnel is from the ground floor.  The tunnel leads into a cave with a waterfall and a pond.  A witch spends her time in here all alone.  There is nothing of value to find in this cave beyond whatever gear the witch might have.


Upper west tunnel:

The entrance to this tunnel can be found by climbing the ramp on the west side of the cavern.  A frostbite spider patrols the entrance to this tunnel.  This tunnel contains an iron ore vein that you can mine on your way to the chamber at the end.  This cavern is home to the leader of the coven, a hag or hagraven, depending on your level and quest status.  In addition, she keeps a frostbite spider (or leveled animal) as a pet.  Behind her work area is a large chest to loot.  In her tent, which is very dark inside, you can find the skill book: Horrors of Castle Xyr (Destruction).


Upper north tunnel:

This tunnel is accessed by taking a ramp up one of the sides of the tunnel.  The tunnel opens into a slightly difficult to navigate cavern.  You have to circle some rocks in order to reach where a witch works at an enchanting table.  She has a frostbite spider as a pet.  On the table next to the arcane enchanter is the skill book: A Tragedy in Black (Enchanting).


Lower north tunnel:

Find the entrance to the north.  Follow the tunnel into another cave where a witch lives alone.  She has a chest and a small collection of ingredients that you can take.

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