Skyrim: Fort Sungard

October 1, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Fort Sungard has been overrun with forsworn, unless you are in the middle of, or have completed the civil war quests – in which case soldiers of the appropriate faction will occupy the fort.  You will face 8 enemies outside the fort, which can be difficult to approach because they hold the high ground.  The interior areas of the fort include:


Fort Sungard Annex

Fort Sungard Tower

Fort Sungard Oubliette

Fort Sungard Muster

Fort Sungard Shrine.


There are no enemies in any of these areas, and each area has some loose gear and chests to loot.


Fort Sungard Oubliette: is almost empty, but you can fall down the well to where the skill book: Guide to Better Thieving (pickpocket) can be found next to a corpse.  Also next to the corpse is the Fort Sungard Jail key which opens the gate to get out.


Fort Sungard Muster: in addition to the loose treasure, you can find the skill book: Last Scabbard of Akrash (smithing) on a table.

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