Skyrim: Folgunthur

September 8, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter facing north.  You will be in a passage with steps heading down.  Watch out for the pressure plate in the floor that will trigger a spear trap.  To your left you will pass a dragon claw key hole, but you don’t have the claw yet.  You will come to a puzzle chamber, but again you don’t have the claw for the key hole, so continue through the door to the  north.


Watch out for another pressure plate, and when you go down and turn a corner a draugr will be waiting to attack.  Just pass this draugr you will find a room where 5 draugr will rise from their coffins.  When you enter this room the gate will slam shut behind you, potentially trapping your follower on the other side.  Raise the gate with a pull chain just to the right of it.  In the northeast section of the room, next to the corpse of an adventurer you can find the skill book: Fire and Darkness (One-Handed).


Work your way around to the northeast where you can find some stairs circling up.  Be careful here because the trap door will open, potentially dropping you into the water.  Use the lever right next to the trap door to close it again.  Once you are upstairs, just go forward until you find the corpse of Daynas Valen next to a dragon key hole.  Search his body to find the Ivory Dragon Claw.  You can also take a moment to read through Daynas’ notes if you wish.


Activate the keyhole to drop a drawbridge to proceed.  Be careful because 2 draugr are waiting on the other side.  Look out for another pressure plate here as you turn to the southeast to loot a treasure chest.  Exit to the southwest.


This tunnel is guarded by draugr, and you will have to manipulate a series of levers in order to proceed.  Continue down to some tumbled stairs, and watch out for a rock fall.  A draugr is waiting at the bottom of the stairs next to a door.


Open the door and proceed into a room where 2 draugr will rise from the thrones where they are sleeping.  To access the stairs you need to solve a puzzle.  Pull the lever next to the throne on the right (southeast) to open a hidden chamber to get clues to the puzzle.  There are draugr in this chamber.  Pull the lever next to the throne on the left to access the puzzle controls.  Again, watch out for draugr, and in addition you need to disable a shock trap by removing the soul gem.  The solution to the puzzle is, right to left (south to north), snake, whale, bird.  Go back to the other chamber and pull the chain to unlock the stairs.


Head down the stairs into a partially flooded tunnel.  A pair of frostbite spiders have taken up residence here, so watch out.  Continue into the puzzle chamber beyond and fight a total of six draugr as they pop from their coffins and the door slams shut behind you.  At the end of the room solve the puzzle door – bird, bird, dragon (top to bottom).  A short passage leads to a door to Folgunthur Crypt.


Folgunthur Crypt:


Enter and take a flight of stairs and a short tunnel into the crypt.  Mikrul Gauldurson will jump from his coffin in the middle of the room.  Kill him and his thralls.  Loot his corpse to get a Gauldur Amulet Fragment, the Gaulder Blackblade.  In the southeast wall you will find a pair or spear gates.  Use the dragon claw to open them.  Only the gate on the left leads anywhere.


Go through the gate and up to a treasure room.  Here you can get a word for the shout: Frost Breath from the word wall.  Then exit back into Folgunthur through a door to the southeast.


Once back in Folgunthur follow the passage back to where you came in to get to Skyrim.

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