Skyrim: Fallowstone Cave

January 27, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Fallowstone cave is located east of Riften.


If you are here on the quest: The Cursed Tribe, then you will find giants dispersed throughout the cave.  Just follow Atub.  They will not attack unless you get too close.  In addition you will find an entrance into Giant’s Grove.


If you are not here for The Cursed Tribe, then you will find leveled animals in the cave.


When you enter you will find yourself in a wide cavern with a series of short little cliffs.  Just head east down the cliffs.  After the first drop you cannot get back to the entrance without continuing to explore.  You will face leveled opponents near the entrance and again when you reach the bottom of the cliffs.


At the bottom a stream runs west to east.  In the northern part of the cavern you can find an iron ore vein.  Follow the stream east to where it pools up and find more leveled opponents.  A variety of mushrooms can also be harvested in this room.


Exit the room via a tunnel to the east  Go east and up and you will enter a cave with more leveled opponents and a dead orc.  Continue up and through an exit northwest.  this will bring you out on a ledge overlooking the large main cavern  Take the ledge to bring you back to the entrance.  Don’t forget to plunder the chest on your left on your way out.

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