Skyrim: Dead Crone Rock

September 6, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter and find yourself at the bottom of some stairs.  The stairs lead up to a passage heading southwest.  A forsworn sits on guard at the end of the hall.  You will find a circular stairway to your right.


Take the stairs up.  Watch out for the guard at the top of the stairs.  There are 3 exits.  The locked door to the southeast exits to Skyrim – a ledge on the cliff where you can find a chest.  The grate is locked.  This leaves the exit to the northwest.


This leads to a dining hall.  A Forsworn can be found here as well as an enchanting table and several potions.  Watch out for the fire trap in the dining hall.  Disable it by removing the soul gem.  Also find a chest here.  Exit to the northeast.


This passage circles around so you can open the grate in the entry hall, which you couldn’t open before.  Next to the lever is the skill book: A Game at Dinner (Alchemy).  Go back and take the passage that leads up to another exit to Skyrim.


This is the pinnacle of Dead Crone Rock.  Exit cautiously.  A ladder here leads up to where the Hagraven Drasena waits.  She will have the pommel stone of Mehrunes Razor on her corpse.  Watch out for the fire trap.  You can find an unusual gem here as well as the word wall for the Shout: Fear.  Don’t forget to loot the chest before leaving.

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