Skyrim: Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary

April 30, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

This building cannot be entered unless you have acquired the quest With Friends Like These.


The door will ask you for the password the first time you enter.  The pass phrase is “Silence, my brother.”


Inside the sanctuary you can find a blacksmith’s work area, an alchemy table, and an arcane enchanter.


Skill trainers include:


Nazir – Light Armor

Babette – Alchemy.  Babette is also a merchant trading in alchemical supplies.


Other important characters are Astrid who hands out the main quests and Nazir who hands out minor jobs.


You can also find a word wall here with the shout Marked for Death.  In addition you can find two skill books: Sacred Witness (Sneak) and Sithis (Alteration).

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