Skyrim: Broken Oar Grotto

August 11, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

Enter facing east.  You will see a scaffold ahead of you inside of a tall cavern.


A blackblood marauder watches for intruders from the top of the platform.  A second marauder will come to his aid if alerted.  This marauder is on a watch post atop a ramp leading up and north from the scaffold.


There are various bags and barrels in the storage area at the base of the scaffold.  At the top of the scaffold you can find some hides and a chest.


You can exit this area by taking the ramp up and north or continuing along the edge of the cavern to the east.


Up and north:  At the top you can find the lookout post of the marauder.  Continue north down a ramp to where another marauder looks out for enemies.  At the bottom is a lever that will drop a bridge across the cavern so you can reach the cliff side where you would have gone if you had gone east instead of north.


East: Follow the cliff line east and around to the north.  You will eventually come to a lever to drop the bridge described above.  The tricky thing is that the marauders will probably see you and shoot arrows at you if you aren’t careful.


In either case you will arrive at the entrance of a tunnel burrowed into the mountain.  Or you can continue along the cliff side to the north.


Into the tunnel:  The tunnel winds around to a living area where a marauder is dining.  A second marauder will be alerted and come into the area from the east.  Here there are several beds and a chest to loot.  Exit east.


The tunnel takes you to a storage area with several potions and a chest.  You can take a ladder up to grab a coin purse before continuing out through the tunnel to northeast.


If you chose rather to continue along the side of the cliff rather than entering the tunnel, you would eventually end up here at the tunnel exit.


Along the face of the cliff you can find a lever to drop another bridge to cross over to a makeshift building patched together with boats.


A marauder patrols the top level and another one patrols the middle level.  3 more marauders and Captain Hargar will be alerted and attack.  Captain Hargar carries Hargar’s Chest key.


The lower level of the dwelling doesn’t hold much of interest.  The middle level has several bags and barrels that you can search.  Climb to the top to find Hargar’s journal, some loose coins and a coin purse.


Go around the wall to the room behind and find a chest.  From here a door opens to the northeast where another marauder lurks.  The area beyond the door is a smithy with a smelter.  On the work bench you can find the skill book: Cherim’s Heart (Smithing).  From here head west along the edge of the cave.


This path is patrolled by a marauder.  The path continues down to the location where you dropped the bridge to get over to the building.


To find Hargar’s chest, you have to dive into the water and explore the sunken ship there.

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