Skyrim: Blind Cliff Cave

September 7, 2015 - Skyrim / Video Games

You will enter in a tunnel going north and down.  A forsworn guards the entrance, but you can just shoot down an oil pot and kill him if you want.  The tunnel continues north and eventually emerges into a huge cavern with a sunken tower inside.


The path winds around and you will run into three forsworn before being able to climb the ladder leading up to the next ledge.  A series of ramps, steps, and slopes lead up to the tower.  Along the way you will encounter more forsworn.


When you reach the tower entrance, you can instead continue west until you reach the cave wall, and then look north and find a hidden chest.  The chest is very hard to see because it is very dark.  On top of the chest, and again, almost impossible to see is the skill book: The Refugees (Light Armor).  Head back and go into the tower.  Again you will be climbing up improvised stairs before entering the tower proper.


Once at the base of the tower you will find more stairs to climb.  Take these up to a door to Blind Cliff Towers.


Blind Cliff Towers:

Climb up the stairs to a chest and lever.  Loot the chest and then pull the lever to open the grate to the east (your left).  A forsworn guards just on the other side of the grate and more forsworn are above you.  Work your way up, fighting the forsworn and then cross a stone bridge into the next tower.  In the first room you can loot a chest before taking more stairs up.  The stairs lead up to Blind Cliff Bastion.  If you continue up the ramp past the door you will reach a grate that can only be opened on the other side, so you have to go into the bastion instead.


Blind Cliff Bastion:

Enter a passage going up to the northwest to an iron door.  Inside you will find a cave with the hagraven Melka locked in a cage.  She will ask you to let her out so she can kill another hagraven, Petra.


If you let her out, Melka will guide you through the tower.


In either case, you will follow the passage up and around to an area with three levers.  Pull the middle one to open the gate.  Continue on and up to where a forsworn guards.  Pull a hidden lever on the ground to the southeast to proceed.  Then pull the lever at the end of the little tunnel that is revealed.


Go back and take the gate to the northwest.  As you go through this tunnel in a cage, you will see a chest and some ingots to your right, but you can’t reach them.  To get to them, when you reach the next room, with an alchemy lab, look for a handle to pull on the south wall to open a secret passage that leads down to the treasure.


Once you are in the alchemy lab area, grab some ingredients and a potion before opening the iron door to the south.  You will probably hear the sounds of mining, which is a forsworn in the passage on the other side of the door.  He is working at a quicksilver ore vein, which you can mine.  Then continue down the passage.


This will take you to the final cavern where you will encounter Petra and her 2 forsworn guards.  In all likelihood, Melka will not survive, but if she does then just talk to her to get your reward, The Eye of Melka, a staff.  On Petra’s body you can find the skill book: 2920, Rain’s Hand, v4 (Restoration).  The skill book: Mystery of Talara, Part 4 (Illusion) can be found next to a brazier to the southeast.  A large chest is along the northeast wall. You can also scavenge this room for ingredients and mine another quicksilver ore vein before proceeding through the exit to the northeast.  This takes you back to the tower, where you can jump down and loot 2 more chests before fast traveling to wherever you want to go.

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