Love and Death

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Life as I see it has two possibilities,
Death and Love.
Either you live dead,
Or love for Eternity.

Others disagree,
But for me,
Its Love or Death.

Some say dreams,
Some money,
Some family,
Some nothing.

What is a dream that does not love?
What buys money that doesn’t die?
What is a family if not the epitome of love?
What is death if no the emptiness of nothing?

Eternity is a long time to die.
Life is a long time to love.

For some its here and gone.
For others it just drags along.
For some it goes and stops.
For others it stops and stops.

But however this life moves about,
Whirling and swirling, or straight or short,
You may love all along or die,
As soon as you choose to quit or try.

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