Demons Never Die

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Did you know that demons never die?
They writhe and twist, sometimes they cry,
But demons never die.

Today you may fight, even destroy
O’rthrow your every foe. Just remember,
Demons never die.

They’ll creep, and find you hiding from the dark.
In your dreams, you’ll know, just as I
That demons never die.

Repulsed again a moment, brought down low,
Yet strong and patient, with hatred full
For demons never die.

Back once more, when you are sick or weak,
Struggling now for breath and life,
And the demons haven’t died.

Their triumph, so tirelessly sought, is now complete
For their will, wrought with malice has shown
That demons never die.

Cast them out once more, escape their prison,
To no avail. Others now they torment endlessly,
For demons never die.

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