Cold Moonbeams on Cold Squirrels

July 11, 2015 - Poetry

Heartbeats shiver like squirrels in the frost.
They know I’m cold.
Hearts feel faint;
They taste like muffins,
but smell only of old mold.
These squirrels feel the way a lemon sounds
When it drops to the ground.
Kathy Williams was a squirrel
in John Day a long time ago.
And moonbeams dance
the way fish mingle
when the water’s warm.
She wasn’t a squirrel at all.
Fudge fish don’t care,
Even though if the wind blows
the dogs will bark.
I hear their cold growlls;
they look tainted in the mist.
Geez you’re short.
The random pipes of memory broke
the heart I watched,
and it stopped beating.
The squirrels were as sad as sparkling starlight
that danced in a crystal web.
Kid watched from the shadows
As I flew into the ground.
Tomorrow hearts will fly.
To where? No one knows but the squirrels.
They follow the monster candles in heaven
where I’ll be happy to be sad again.
Porque no hay duro que no se quebra.
So the trees sing, the hearts dance,
the squirrels go out to sea,
while we all shake with the cold.

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